Anatoliy Tsymbal came to America as a legal refugee in 1991. New Country, New Culture, zero English on my part, with my Wife Mariya and 7 kids one child being bound to a wheelchair with a born disability, and only a couple hundred dollars in my pocket. It was very scary at first arriving in America. But thank God at that time America was full of great people, who helped me get on my feet.

Few weeks to maybe a month I worked at a construction job site, shortly after I got a job as a  mechanic working on cars for about 3 months. Both jobs I held made it very difficult for me to get ahead due to my language barrier. Then I decided to began working with honeybees, I’d tell myself “the stingers hurt, but at least there’s no language barrier”. In 1993 I placed my first 10 hives out for almond pollination. At that this the almond growers paid $30 a hives. When I received payment for my services as a beekeeper I felt that I had discovered a new gold mine. I would drive around construction job-site and collect scrap wood and board to build up my bee equipment. From starting off with 1 hive in 1992, with a lot of hard work backed by faith, I grew my hive count up to 1,500 in 2010. And parallel with being a full time beekeeper, I had another job title, I began growing my grapes on my 3 acre farm, and started making wine for myself, family and friends as a hobby. Back in Ukraine majority of beekeepers there were known to make (mead) honeywine with old world care. In the year of 2009 I officially had opened my commercial winery license. And began selling my wine. 

Being in Ag the industry as a beekeeper, I was taken a back to see the amount of chemicals & pesticide being used out in the field and in produce production. So I set out to try and produce natural honey wines, and dry wines. Due to no use of chemicals, my wine may contain some sediment at the bottom of the bottle. But don’t panic, it’s natural and gives you no headaches or (hangovers) the next morning. My wine is made with old world care and a little taste of my culture all mixed together with my burning desire and passion to create a WONDERFUL product for my customers. So now, not only do I get to enjoy my wine with my family and friends, you now have a chance to enjoy it with me!


…You Are Voting With Your Wallet! Box Stores take a big cut from the Bee farmer, At you are investing those same dollars directly into the hands of a quality before quantity small scale Entrepreneur who cannot, or chooses not, to force production to reach the unnatural mass volume needed to supply national commercial distributors.So at golden comb we seek your business for our quality honey products.